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Let's go to Vancouver!

Have you ever wanted to visit Vancouver to check out the city we hear so much about and visit some of the locations where The Flash has filmed? You know, the waterfront where Barry & Iris shared their first kiss? The porch steps where they shared their second and third (or is it fourth?) first kisses? Well, here's your chance!


I am organizing a meetup for a small group of fellow WestAllen fans who won't side-eye me about my sightseeing preferences. The meetup will be small to keep things manageable, so space will be limited! This is the second major event that I have organized for the fandom. Last summer, I organized the campaign that raised $10,000+ for Girls Inc in Candice's name. You can check out that campaign here. This meetup will have a charity component too - a sock drive for the homeless. (See 'Charity Drive' tab).

During the meetup,we'll visit the cafe where WestAllen had their epic reunion after Barry woke up from the coma, the fine Italian restaurant where they had their first date, and we'll have a brunch and day party at Theresa Merkel's mansion, the place where WestAllen finally glammed up and had their first dance.

You can cosplay all weekend and especially on Sunday!

The preliminary schedule is posted on this site to give you an idea of what activities are involved and approximately how much everything will cost. To limit how much you have to pay upfront and to give you the most flexibility in food options, the registration fee only includes items that have to be booked and paid for well in advance (i.e., the charter bus tour and the brunch). All other activities/meals will be each individual's

responsibility that weekend.


Please keep in mind that the itinerary and costs are preliminary at this time, but are very good estimates.


Regular Price tickets are available through Eventbrite from May 14, 2019 through June 12, 2019

If you have any questions, please contact me at WestAllenMeetUpVancouver@outlook.com


Twitter: @westallenhugs

Instagram: @westallen_hugs

Tumblr: westallenhugs