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Sunday, July 14, 2019


10 am - 3 pm


Burnt Toast Brunch and Day Party at Theresa

Merkel's Mansion

We’ll have the entire mansion & private gardens

(as seen in 5x05) to ourselves for a brunch

buffet, fun activities & Meetup wrap-up.

This luxurious venue is a popular wedding venue

and our booking is confirmed!


The mansion comes with a wedding-venue

pricing structure which means each item

has to be purchased separately (e.g., tables,

chairs, glasses, plates, and utensil rentals,

staff: chef, servers and supervisors, music

licenses, insurance and so on).


We have secured a meeting rental fee which

is much less than the wedding rental fees,

but it's still pricey.


In addition, the venue's exclusive catering

company is the only option for food.

No outside food or other food vendors

are permitted.


At any rate, who can pass up the opportunity

to hang out for the day in the same place

where Barry and Iris had their first dance

and Candice and Grant shot multiple scenes?


Estimated cost:

The day is included in the registration fee