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Saturday, July 13, 2019


8 am - 9:30 am 

Breakfast at the cafe where Jitters scenes

were filmed in the pilot - the place WestAllen had

their iconic reunion after Barry woke up from the coma.

It’s schway, baby!


Estimated cost: $15 pp

***Breakfast is not included in the registration fee.***


10 am - 5 pm


WestAllen walking and charter bus tour of iconic

WA scene locations including:

- Site where Iris got the first pic of the Flash

- 1x15 kiss

- CCPN Exterior

- Bridge where Iris encountered RF

and figured out Barry’s secret

- CCPD Exterior

- 2x23 and 3x02 "first kisses"

- Flashpoint “date”

- CCPN delivery entrance/3x03 date beginning

- 3x03 seaside “date”

- 4x03 impromptu church wedding

We'll take a break from the tour and have lunch

and a game of bowling at Barry and Iris's

"favorite place in the world" and then

resume the tour.

- Crossover church wedding exterior

- Crossover waterfront wedding site

- Central City Citizen Exterior

- Infantino Street

- Harbor where Speedster Iris created the tidal wave

- Current Jitters exterior

(And more! Over 20 locations are on the list)

*Keep in mind that the locations are not listed in

the order that we'll visit them


Estimated cost:

The charter bus tour and a game of bowling

are included in the registration fee

We'll have the charter bus rental for the full

day and we'll be able to hop on and off to

take pictures as we wish.

The charter company requires a full day

(10-hour) rental fee on the weekends and

the booking has to be paid in full prior to

the event.

***Lunch is not included in the registration fee.***

There are several value-priced restaurants at

the bowling alley to choose from (e.g., pizza,

sushi). Outside food can be brought to the

bowling lanes so you can also pack a lunch.

Estimated cost for lunch at the bowling alley: $15 pp