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Charity Sock Drive

LINK: Westallen Charity Sock Drive for Belkin House

June 17 - July 6




Following the success of last year’s campaign where we raised $10,000+ for Girls Inc in Candice’s name, I thought it would be a great idea to come together and do a campaign this year as well.

Westallen fans vividly remember Iris West's "clandestine meetings with the mysterious streak" on Jitters' rooftop in season 1. Those scenes are iconic to us! While doing research for the meetup, I learned that those epic scenes were filmed on the rooftop of Belkin House.

Belkin House is affiliated with the Salvation Army and assists the homeless and those at risk of homelessness. When I leaned this I immediately thought of Candice's Instagram post stating that socks were the most requested items at homeless shelters. So I thought it would be a great idea for Westallen Fans to come together and raise money to buy socks for the residents at Belkin House.









Upon doing a little more research, I found a great nonprofit called the Just Socks Foundation 


The Just Socks Foundation has a partnership with McGregor Socks in Canada (mcgregorsocks.com).

A fund to support Belkin House has been set up through the Just Socks Foundation.


A $10 secure online donation will buy approximately 11 pairs of socks for the residents at Belkin House.


You will receive an immediate online tax receipt for your donation. With the money raised, Just Socks Foundation will purchase high-quality socks from McGregor, and donate the socks to the Salvation Army's Belkin House.  


To meet the needs of Belkin House, we have a fundraising goal of $1,000

To celebrate Belkin House's 15th anniversary, our *stretch goal* is $1,500 (total)